Biosolids and Odor and Corrosion Conference and Expo



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Opening Session, Joint Track

Odor Track -- Day 1 AM

Biosolids Track -- Day 1 AM

Odor Track -- Day 1 PM

Biosolis Track -- Day 1 PM

Odor Track -- Day 2 AM

Biosolids Track -- Day 2 AM

Combined Track -- Day 2

  • Contain, Convey, Treat: Improving Odor Control and Reducing Corrosion at the SEWRP, Jason Anderson and John Turpin

  • Ventilation and Odor Control in Dewatering Facilities, James McMillen and Tim Gallia

  • Impacts of the Use of Magnesia Versus Iron on Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion and Odors in Wastewater, Mathew Madolora