2016 Water Reuse in Texas: Extending Our Water Frontier


WRT 101 Agenda


WRT Conference Agenda


Opening Session, Joint Track

  • Remarks by WateReuse Texas President, Tom Taggart, City of San Marcos

  • Keynote Speakers:
    • Tom Taggart, City of San Marcos, WateReuse - Texas President
    • Guy Carpenter, WateReuse Assiciation President
    • Senator Doug Miller, District 73

Track A1: Planning

Track B1: Potable Reuse Safety and Reliability

Lunch Presentation - 2016 Ed Archuleta Award Winner, David Sloan, Freese and Nichols

Track A2: Disinfectant Applications

Track B2: Purple Makes Green with Title XVI

Track A3: The Sun Isn't Setting on the West Texas Ptoable Reuse

Track B3: Groundwater Implications