Water Environment Horizon Conference




  • Kevin Ward - General Manager, Trinity River Authority

  • Representative Jason Isaac - House Environmental Regulation Committee

  • Issues in Water Reuse - Panelists:
    Glenn Clingenpeel - Moderator, Planning and Environmental Services Manager, Trinity River Authority
    Tom Taggart -Executive Director of Public Services, City of San Marcos
    Eval Steinle-Darling - Ph.D, P.E., Carollo Engineers
    Daniel Nix - Public Utilities Operations Manager, City of Wichita Falls

  • TCEQ's Issues for the 85th Legislative Session - Stephanie Bergeron Perdue, Deputy Executve Director, TCEQ

  • Washington Update - Brenna Mannion, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Outreach, NACWA

  • Biosolids: Current Pulse and Session Forcast - Panelists:
    Sherry van der Wege - Moderator, P.E., TRA
    Fiona Allen - Norther Region Manager, TRA
    Jason Iken - Senior Assistant Director, Public Works and Engineering/WWO, City of Houston
    Buster Fichera - Assistant Director, City of Fort Worth

  • 85th Legislative Session Horizon - Ty Embry, Principal Attorney, Lloyd Gosselink Attorneys at Law

  • Water Quality Challenges - Panelists:
    Brad Castleberry - Moderator, Principal Attorney, Lloyd Gosselink Attorneys at Law
    Tina Petersen - Ph.D., P.E., CDM Smith
    Raj Bhattarai - P.E., City of Austin, Austin Water
    Chris Herrington - P.E., City of Austin, Watershed Protection