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Carol V. Batterton, Executive Director,
Water Environment Association of Texas

Carol Batterton currently serves as the Executive Director of the Water Environment Association of Texas.  In this position, she is responsible for coordination of WEAT’s legislative activities with a primary focus on promoting WEAT as a technical resource in the legislative process. She also coordinates WEAT’s interaction with regulatory agencies involved with water issues. 

Prior to serving as WEAT’s Executive Director, Carol worked for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for 25 years.  At TCEQ, she served in a variety of positions related to compliance and enforcement, including Director of Field Operations Division, Director of the Compliance Support Division, and Special Assistant to the Deputy Director of the Office of Compliance and Enforcement.

Carol Batterton
Carol Batterton
Executive Director, WEAT
(512) 924-2102

WEAT Webinar: The 82nd Legislative Session and Impacts on the Texas Water Environment
September 20, 2011

Overview of Water Related Legislation; by Carol Batterton

Important Changes from the TCEQ Sunset Legislation; by Diane Mazuca


Texas Water Environment Horizon Conference
Nov. 4, 2010


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