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The San Antonio Section of WEAT is committed to encouraging and supporting the water professionals of today and tomorrow. To do this, the Section has established two types of scholarships to support the local student community through an educational scholarship and a student membership award.


The San Antonio Section of WEAT, like its parent organizations, strives for the advancement of fundamental and practical knowledge concerning the nature, collection, treatment, and reclamation of domestic and industrial wastes; and environmental dispersion of processed domestic and industrial wastes. Other goals include advancement of the knowledge in the evaluation, design, construction, operation and management of these systems, public education, and promotion of sound legislation concerning our environment. In recognition of these goals, the San Antonio Section of WEAT offers Scholarships to those pursuing an education and subsequent career that will further these tenets.


The San Antonio Section of WEAT Scholarship was established in 2009, beginning with an initial endowment from the Section. These funds have been developed over several years through the efforts of the officers and volunteers of the organization. Annual seminars, luncheons, donations, and investment growth continue to provide funding for this Scholarship.


Scholarship assistance is paid to recipients in two installments, 50% of the total awarded for the fall semester and 50% for the spring semester. All recipients are required to provide the San Antonio Section of WEAT a copy of their official transcript for the fall semester in order to receive payment for the spring semester.


Additional information and Scholarship applications may be obtained by clicking here, by contacting the Scholarship Committee c/o Mr. Dennis Laskowski at, or by contacting the local section.


Application deadline is September 8, 2017.



To increase the awareness of WEAT and WEF within the local community and to promote careers in the water industry, the local section established a Student Membership Award in 2006. This Award is open to any student wanting to pursue or gain interest in the water environment field.


Membership in WEAT and WEF will help you satisfy both your personal and professional goals, and develop leadership skills while accumulating a knowledge base that is truly extraordinary. WEAT offers you opportunities and benefits you cannot ordinarily obtain by providing statewide networking opportunities with water environment peers. Involvement in WEAT can further enhance your career by projecting your experiences and accomplishments to your peers and the industry, by presenting technical papers, serving on committees, or getting involved in technical event planning.


For further information and details on obtaining an application click here, contact the Scholarship Committee member Dennis Laskowski at, or by contacting the local section.


Application deadline is September 8, 2017.