WEAT Young ProfessionalsKeith Vierra and Benji Addo Student Design Competition 2nd Place Winners YP Tubing Event

Click here to find out how to join WEAT as a young professional and receive 3 years of Active Membership for 40% off the regular WEF dues. You are the future of water quality. Emerge as a leader!


Communicate the benefits of WEAT membership to young professionals throughout the water environment industry, including those in wastewater and storm water utilities, river authorities, consulting firms, academia, regulatory agencies, and other related organizations. Assist in the growth of WEAT by attracting new young professional members. Attract new members from undergraduate and graduate programs by working to create student chapters at Texas universities and colleges. 

Develop and provide programming and services for to attract young professionals to our organization and that appeal to young professionals along three dimensions: 

1. Professional Development (PD). Provide professional development opportunities including technical seminars and training events, professional networking, leadership experiences, teamwork experiences, public speaking opportunities, mentoring, and other career related activities. 

2. Friends and Family (FF). Provide opportunities for new members to become part of the WEAT family. Conduct enjoyable icebreaker events and outings to provide shared experiences for members so that friendships may be formed among members. 

3. Community Service (CS). Provide opportunities for members to provide services to others, both in and out of the water environment industry. Provide outlets for members to volunteer their time in their communities and to participate in charity activities and events, science fair events, and other activities.


Dodson Drive Texas Water Fun Run/Walk Sponsorship Form - coming soon!


Dodson Drive YP Summit Sponsorship Application Form (Application Deadline is December 10, 2016!)


Dodson Drive Event Funding Application Form

In 2011 WEAT worked to honor the life and work of Kenny Dodson by helping develop and offering the Dodson Drive YP Summit Sponsorship. Our first recipient, Benji Addo, was awarded his sponsorship at Texas Water 2011. We hope to continue to honor Kenny and contribute to the growth of our YPs in the industry through our annual Kenny Dodson YP Summit Sponsorship awarded at the YP Reception during Texas Water.

Dodson's Drive Donation Form

If you have any questions about YP committee activities or the business meeting, please contact one of the YP Committee Section Representatives or the Committee Chair listed below.


Past Chair

Kris Kneese

Corinne Duckworth

City of Fredericksburg

Carollo Engineers

(830) 990-2035

(972) 239-9949

Member at Large Lance Klement


Student Design Compition Chair

Allison Blake

Kyle Kubista

Freese and Nichols

Kimley-Horn and Associates

(214) 217-2219

(817) 339-2288

Austin Section Rep

Jessica Vassar

Ryan Owen

Freese and Nichols

LAN, Inc.

(512) 381-8333

Dallas Section Reps

Robbie Staton

Grace Wilke

Black & Veatch

LAN, Inc

(469) 513-3208

Fort Worth Section Reps Wes Tait

Charles Norman
Alan Plummer

Pump Solutions
(817) 806-1700

(817) 684-0900
Houston Section Rep Adam Eaton
CDM Smith (713)-267-2803

San Antonio Section Rep Joshua Milks

Lance Rothe

(210) 841-2800

(210) 841-2910