Scholarship Application Deadline

Are you or your dependent(s) planning to enroll in a college, a university, or a technical institute this fall? If so, you and/or your dependent(s) may be eligible for scholarship assistance from the Water Environment Association of Texas Scholarship Fund (WEATSF)!

The WEATSF awarded its first academic scholarships in the summer of 2014 and is thrilled to continue the academic support of WEAT members and their dependents. WEAT, through the WEATSF is committed to enhancing the water environment of Texas through educational investment and supporting our members through WEATSF.

WEATSF currently has nine endowments; Curtis Smalley Memorial, Joe Rodriguez, Sieger Memorial, WEAT Northeast Section, Kenneth D. Dodson Endowment, and San Antonio Section Endowment, Southeast Section Endowment, WEAT Scholarship Fund Endowment, and the Stacie Long Memorial Endowment.

Visit for the scholarship eligibility policy and criteria, as well as the scholarship application form.

All applications must be submitted by June 21.

Call the WEAT office or any of our WEATSF Directors found at with questions.

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