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Speaker: Dr. Caliskaner, Vice President of Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

Summary of Presentation

Advanced primary treatment (APT) is used at wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) to enhance total suspended solids (TSS) and organic removal efficiencies of the primary treatment process. Primary effluent filtration (PEF) and primary filtration (PF) are APT technologies that enhance primary treatment performance as compared to primary sedimentation. For PEF systems, filtration follows primary sedimentation before the secondary treatment process. For PF systems, filtration simply replaces primary sedimentation. TSS removal efficiency is significantly higher than the TSS removals (50-60%) typically obtained with primary sedimentation. PF and PEF systems achieve an overall 75-85% TSS and 45-65% biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) reduction depending on influent characteristics. PF and PEF offer significant energy and capital cost savings via carbon diversion, including:

1. Decreased electrical energy required for aeration in secondary treatment because of reduced organic loading to secondary treatment,

2. Increased gas energy production in the anaerobic digestion process resulting from the high organic energy content of the volatile suspended solids (VSS) removed by PF or PEF,

3. Expanded secondary treatment capacity by reducing the organic loading upstream of the secondary process, and

4. Reduced primary treatment footprint with the PF technology. The treatment and operational performance of the first full scale and several demonstration-scale PEF and PF projects will be presented. In addition to PEF and PF, other APT technologies including rotating belt filters and micro-screens will also be included in this presentation.

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