Clean Shores Challenge Entry Deadline

We are excited to announce the invitation for award submissions for the 2019 WEAT Clean Shores Challenge!

Please see the Submission Form and review the Competition Details. Submit completed forms via email to the Workgroup, see Competition Details for contact information. Submissions from each WEAT Section/Student Chapter are due on January 9, 2020. Awards will be announced at Texas Water 2020. A representative should be present at the Awards Ceremony at the Texas Water Conference, March 31 – April 3, 2019, in Fort Worth, Texas. Submissions for multiple awards are allowed, and encouraged!

This year, entries will be judged based on river/beach cleanup event(s) occurring between January - December 31, 2019.

Below is the list of known Texas River Cleanup Challenge Representatives.




Central Texas Section

Casey Clark

Melissa Woo

Skylar Weir

North Texas Section

Chris Vela

San Antonio Section


Southeast Section

Keval Satra

Texas Tech (Lubbock) Chapter

Valerie Gardner


Luis Gallo

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