Coastal Bend Section Meeting

Lift Station Rehab

With treatment being the most important part of dealing with the collected wastewater of any entity the second most critical components are the lift stations that get it to the treatment plants. Lift stations have been around throughout the history of collecting and treating wastewater and, as time passes by, the age and condition of these lift stations have to be considered and dealt with.

Presentation will provide a successful approach to evaluating, designing and implementing the rehabilitation of existing wastewater lift stations to restore the lift station and extend the life of the structure and equipment. Things to look for in the detailed evaluation of the existing conditions will be presented and alternatives for material restoration and equipment replacement developed during the design phase will be discussed. Coordination and input from City staff is also important during development of the rehabilitation during the design phase. Last, but not least, issues to deal with during the implementation of improvements during the construction phase will be discussed.

Speaker Bio: Mark Maroney is a Senior Project Engineer involved with water, wastewater and storm water projects at Urban Engineering. Mark is a Texas Professional Engineer and graduated in 1979 with a BS in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M University. He has had projects at all six of the City of Corpus Christi’s wastewater treatment plants and has been involved with many projects involving lift station rehabilitation for the City of Corpus Christi and surrounding Cities.

Learning Objectives: 1. Learn about types of wastewater lift stations

2. Learn about typical life span and operational issues with lift stations

3. Learn about methods of evaluation, design and implementation of lift station rehabilitation

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