E&I Technical Seminar

The WEAT E&I Committee recently held its last technical seminar for 2019. It was held at Prime Controls’ location in Lewisville on Wednesday 23rd and it covered many of the topics around regulatory considerations regarding standby generation.

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Speaker 1: Scott Thomas (Cummins)

  • Generator Emissions Requirements
    • Diesel and Natural Gas EPA Tables
    • Application in Stationary Emergency versus Non-Emergency Applications (Demand Response, 4CP, ETC)
    • Project Implications – Design Considerations
  • Design Considerations around Diesel and Natural Gas Fuel Supply
  • Sound Attenuation of Generators
  • Generator Exercising Recommendations
  • Utility Paralleling (Closed Transition) Considerations
  • Portable Generator Considerations

Speaker 2: Sid McLain/Ed Keenan (TRA/Garver)

  • The ins-and-outs of water and wastewater facility requirements (TCEQ 217 and 290) for back-up power
  • TRA’s approach to back-up power
  • Considerations for vulnerability and risk and resiliency programs

Speaker 3: Mark Patterson (ERCOT)

  • How Distributed Generation can Participate in ERCOT
  • Unregistered Distributed Generation
  • Emergency Response Service
  • Settlement Only Distributed Generator
  • Generation Resource
  • 4 CP response
  • Case studies
Full Presentations

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