Energy Coordinator

The City of Fort Worth is seeking a Professional Engineer to join the Strategic Operations’ Facility Planning Section. This position will be managing the energy program for all the water and wastewater facilities.

The Details

Position Type

Work for Water

Position Title
Energy Coordinator
Position Description

Major responsibilities include:
• Developing, implementing and managing an Energy Program (Energy Management Plan) for all water facilities in accordance with the City’s goal and objectives.
• Preparing specifications, drawings and contract documents and coordinate with Purchasing Department in procurement of equipment, supplies and maintenance services.
• Liaising and negotiating with consultants, contractors, the building supplies industry, council services and other relevant organizations to develop recommendations for energy products, services or energy conservation measures to be considered for contracts.
• Negotiating and managing of professional and contract services agreements to assess, support and maintain energy infrastructure
• Support Plant Operations by liaising with various groups and providing technical input on activities related to energy improvements and replacement work.
• Ensuring accurate records are maintained and energy monitoring data is collected regularly for all facilities.
• Carrying out site inspections and energy surveys.
• Compile and/or review reports submitted to local, state and federal agencies. And, keeping abreast of legislation and ensuring compliance.
• Benchmarking energy consumptions against best practice guidelines to develop and implement practices and procedures designed to produce net-zero solutions, reduce energy consumption and/or improve efficiency of usage.
• Research alternative/renewable energy technologies and determine their feasibility and cost-effectiveness.

Position Salary

$68,260 to $93,857


Preferred Education

• Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering

Scope of Responsibilities


Application Closing Date

January 20, 2020

Application Instructions

Apply to the city of Fort Worth Website.

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