Engineer, Process Control Systems

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Work for Water

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Engineer, Process Control Systems
Position Description


1. Supervise and train the Process Control Systems Operations Administrator and Automation Analysts

2. Provide technical support for evaluating and improving water/wastewater treatment processes, including physical, chemical, and biological processes. Conduct evaluations including peak high flow conditions, sustainability, power and chemical cost optimizations, and improvements to operations and maintenance.

3. QA/QC process control system data, utilizing iFix databases, WIMS, power monitoring control system databases, alarming data, and change management system.

4. Coordinates and provides oversight and guidance of modifications to the PLC and HMI programming, configuration and integration through in-house optimization of the process control system.

5. Coordinates troubleshooting, tuning, strategy modification, and training on use of the process control system.

6. Utilizes the treatment process and hydraulic models for plant optimization evaluations and troubleshooting variable loading events.

7. Monitors and assists operations and maintenance staff on items related to the process control system and provides feedback on the functionality. Provides oversight of the collection and evaluation of treatment process data.

8. Coordinates engineering and plant participation in the SCADA Control for Process and Telemetry Systems related to expansion and evaluations efforts as well as directs process control enhancements, documentation and training programs.

9. Interfaces with other Authority departments, Northern Region staff, and engineers, coordinating meetings and ensuring that plant staff input is timely, technically based, maintaining records and written correspondence between Trinity River Authority and consulting firms.

10. Participates in the development and review of plans and specifications related to the Authority’s process control system including engineering design projects related to treatment process expansion and evaluations. Provides capital improvement plan recommendations related to these treatment process improvements and evaluations.


Has full personnel management responsibilities including approving time, selection, discipline, grievances and formal performance evaluations for a position’s direct and indirect reports.


Makes recommendation for divisional budget requirements.



(required level of education)

Bachelor’s Degree in engineering.


(minimum years and types of related experience required)

Five (5) years of increasingly responsible experience as an engineer, preferably in the wastewater or water industry.


(any specialized certifications licenses or registrations required by TRA or other authority in order to do the job, including those the incumbent must be able to obtain)

Licensure as a Professional Engineer in the State of Texas is required. Class B Water or Wastewater Operator’s License required when training qualifications are obtained. Valid Texas driver’s license.


(Information or facts than employee must know in order to be able to perform the work)

• Individual must be able to design and write clear and precise reports concerning process studies especially during major events impacting water and wastewater plant operations and processes.

• Individual must be able to effectively communicate with others including management level personnel, professional engineers, and front line operators.

• Must be able to support the Process Control Systems staff, Operations and Maintenance departments as needed.

• Proficient or the ability to acquire training with the latest version of the following software:

• SCADA/PLC, Database Management

• Process Control Modeling Software


(developed capability to use or apply knowledge effectively or dexterity/coordination in the performance of physical tasks)

Ability to successfully track treatment process performance, multiple projects’ status/progress on an on-going basis and communicate recommendations to others.


Guided by priorities and policies. Is guided primarily by established priorities and policies, along with professional standards and best practices to guide decisions and any direction or advice given to others. Typically makes recommendations to managers on policy and process improvements after considering/analyzing various alternatives. Proactively addresses needed changes to policies, methods and procedures and obtains approval.


This position generally requires minimum physical exertion with daily lifting requirements under 10 pounds. The ability to climb ladders and steps is required. Visual abilities needed to monitor computer screen and prepare charts.


Duties are predominantly carried out in an office environment but some outside activity will be required.


Small hand tools, PC, calculators, printers, two-way radio, magnetic tape or other electronic media, and telephone, portable measuring equipment, wet chemistry analysis.

Licenses & Certifications

Professional Engineer

TCEQ Class B WW/Wtr Lic

Position Salary

Commensurate with experience and qualifications

Position Notes


Position Minimum Experience

Bachelor's degree
Professional Engineer


Preferred Education

Class B WW license

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