General Manager - Creedmoor-Maha Water Supply Corporation (CMWSC)

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Position Type

Work for Water

Position Title
General Manager - Creedmoor-Maha Water Supply Corporation (CMWSC)
Position Description

The General Manager is responsible for all supervisory, management, and administrative functions required to operate Creedmoor-Maha Water Supply Corporation.

Position Salary

$95,000 - $125,000 Annual (Commensurate with relevant experience)

Position Notes

Work Location: 12100 Laws Road, Buda, Texas 78610

Position Minimum Experience

1. Three years of operational and managerial experience with water treatment practices and water distribution systems in municipalities or private sectors of water treatment and distribution.
2. Experience with development, construction methods, standards, details, cost estimates, bidding practices with water line infrastructure maintenance and new construction.


Preferred Education

Not specified.

Scope of Responsibilities

See below.

Application Closing Date

December 31, 2021

Application Instructions

Applicants may mail or email an application and biographical data to Rebecca Richards at the following mailing address:

Rebecca Richards, Director CMWSC
15000 Maha Road
Austin, Texas 78719

The General Manager is responsible for all supervisory, management, and administrative functions required to operate Creedmoor-Maha Water Supply Corporation (herein after referred to as “CMWSC”) in accordance with procedures outlined in the current Tariff and Corporation By-Laws. Public Utilities Commission and requirements of Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Regulations. The General Manager will be, or will become skill qualified in all functional areas of the water supply operations and may perform duties in these areas in case of an emergency.

Management Duties:

  1. Manage field and office employees and develop job descriptions where and when needed and review for all employees.
  2. Oversee daily operations and maintain top performance in all areas.
  3. Coordinate all job hiring and dismissals with the Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as “Board”).
  4. Prepare for and conduct periodic employee reviews to discuss and document with “Board”. Conduct and document routine employee performance reviews, areas in need of improvement and commendable performance.
  5. Schedule daily, weekly, and monthly employee work schedules.
  6. Coordinate weekly cleaning and maintaining work on equipment and vehicles.
  7. Operate within appropriate local, state and federal regulations.
  8. Monitor construction projects and installation/maintenance of distribution lines.
  9. Calculate monthly water loss and develop plans to maintain low percentage loss.
  10. Meet with interested parties requesting information associated with their properties and inform “Board” on the status of the request.
  11. Meet with vendors proposing services or materials and bring to the attention of the “Board” for its consideration and/or recommended action.
  12. Meet with “CMWSC” customers to provide assistance for a resolution to inquiries regarding billing or other services.
  13. Identify alternate funding sources for improvements to the water distribution system.
  14. Work with prospective Developers to address their needs for projects and inform the Board of ongoing discussions.

Water Operations:

  1. Ensure that any contractor employed by “CMWSC” for operations:
    1. Collects lead and copper samples and submits to State
    2. Operates pressure plan system.
    3. Operates appropriate chlorine additive processes.
    4. Performs collection and delivery of all water sample data to the appropriate monitoring agencies.
    5. Drain towers as needed.
    6. Operates pump stations in both manual and automatic modes.
    7. Repairs leaks expeditiously and records all related information for submission to the office.
    8. Installs new water taps as needed.
    9. Demonstrate knowledge of impact of chemical and bacteriologic content in water.
    10. Has the appropriate Water Licenses.

Administrative Duties:

  1. Continue to seek and secure additional sources of wholesale water including continuing efforts with Aqua Water Supply, City of Austin and groundwater expansion/improvement potential.
  2. Operate within the annual budget set by “Board”.
    1. Maintain accurate and current financial reports for review by “Board”.
  3. Obtain and ensure all water line easements are properly recorded with the appropriate county offices and governmental agencies.
  4. Assist the contracted accounting firms with information necessary to perform all bookkeeping and banking and Annual Audit functions.
  5. Conduct frequent communication and planning meetings with retained engineers and contractors on present and future project planning and current status.
  6. Consult with retained attorney on legal matters pertaining to “CMWSC” on Certificates of Convenience & Necessity (hereinafter referred to as “CCN”) regulations and requirements, request for withdrawals from “CCN”, easement acquisitions, corporate contracts or negotiations and employee disputes.
  7. Oversee daily operations and maintain high performance in all departments.
  8. Ensure all necessary supplies are ordered and at the best price.
  9. Maintain maps on entire “CCN” boundary of all water line sizes, locations, valves, meters, pump stations, elevated and ground storage tanks and emergency generators.
  10. Maintain legally accurate personnel records.
  11. Attend seminars and Continued Education Units to maintain and increase knowledge of “CMWSC’s CCN” operations, water regulations, efficient management practices and maintain water license (if applicable).
  12. Attend Board Meetings and provide updated General Manager’s report.
  13. Ensure all required state and federal reports are filed as required and perform additional duties as assigned by “Board”.
  14. Maintain a Corporate culture that maximizes employee participation and development.
Job Application

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Possess a current Class C groundwater license issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
  2. Construction management experience with water line distribution infrastructure.
  3. Three to five years managerial/supervisory experience with water treatment and distribution system operations.
  4. Knowledge of Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Public Utilities Commission, and Texas Water Development Board regulations in regard to water distribution systems.
  5. Competent abilities utilizing email, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word.

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