Maintenance Mechanic I / II

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Work for Water

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Maintenance Mechanic I / II
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This position performs skilled maintenance work, inspection, troubleshooting and assisting in the repair of buildings, machines, vehicles and a variety of equipment located at water/wastewater treatment plants or pump stations. Individual is expected to identify and remedy problems using independent judgment.


1. Routinely performs preventative and corrective maintenance and repair to existing buildings, machinery and equipment. Work may be performed on process equipment such as large centrifugal pumps, mixing equipment, conveying systems and screening equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, raw water pumps, digester boilers, remote control valves and elevated storage tank equipment. Monitors electro-mechanical and hydraulic gate hoists and irrigation system. Consistently demonstrates a working knowledge of area flows and process equipment.

2. Performs general maintenance to grounds including mowing, edging, weedeating, digging, and operation of related equipment. May perform general housekeeping and a wide variety of janitorial services as required and/or directed.

3. Performs industrial maintenance type duties such as rough carpentry, painting, pipefitting, plumbing and welding. May operate related equipment such as forklifts, backhoes, sewer cleaning trucks and crane trucks.

4. Ability to read and understand system drawings with minimal supervision.

5. Responsible for maintaining thorough and complete process records and logs. Possesses knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively utilize computer applications and software, including but not limited to; Microsoft Office business applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, etc.), computerized maintenance management system or enterprise software, and SharePoint or other common cloud based file sharing services. 6. Observes all safety guidelines and security measures as established by Authority. Provides operational, technical and safety training to more junior maintenance mechanics.

6. Observes all safety guidelines and security measures as established by Authority. Provides operational, technical and safety training to more junior maintenance mechanics.

7. Ability to convey and receive information in written and verbal forms to others. Maintains good communications with supervisors and coworkers.

8. May be responsible for responding to various emergency situations, including after-hours, as directed by supervisor.


Regularly leads the work of other employees.


May order cleaning supplies, equipment parts, building materials, equipment for departmental use as approved by supervisor. May create purchase requisitions and work orders for approval by supervisor or manager.



(required level of education)

High school diploma or GED.


(minimum years and types of related experience required)

Two years of experience in the field of industrial maintenance, vehicle repair and construction including specific experience in mechanical applications such as hydraulic, power transmission equipment, pump maintenance, pipe fitting, pneumatics, lubrication and shaft alignment techniques. Heavy equipment operation is a plus.


(any specialized certifications licenses or registrations required by TRA or other authority in order to do the job, including those the incumbent must be able to obtain)

Valid Texas driver's license. Commercial driver’s license preferred. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (or predecessor agency) Class C Water or Wastewater Operators Certificate of Competency as required (if applicable).


(Information or facts than employee must know in order to be able to perform the work)

Must possess considerable knowledge of mechanics, plumbing, underground piping installations, light carpentry, fleet and vehicle repair, welding, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Basic mathematical functions. Basic computer skills.


(developed capability to use or apply knowledge effectively or dexterity/coordination in the performance of physical tasks)

Ability to comprehend and carry out written and oral instruction. Ability to read operation and maintenance manuals, and safety related materials, schematics, blueprints and safety data sheets.


Receives regular instructions and chooses between a range of procedures. Follows and chooses from a range of established procedures, work methods and direct instructions. Has some flexibility about the sequence of work. Issues outside of specific instructions and procedures are referred to supervisor or more senior position.


This position requires moderate to heavy physical labor with daily lifting requirements up to 25 pounds and occasional lifting up to 60 pounds. Subject to standing, sitting, walking, climbing, bending, crawling, squatting, kneeling, and working in cramped and strained positions for extended periods.


Working conditions include exposure to weather, odor, noise, chemical hazards, gases and dust, standing for prolonged periods of time, walking up and down several flights of stairs, climbing and descending ladders, working at heights, and working in tight or confined spaces.


Hand and power tools including drill press and lathe, welding equipment, mowing equipment, tractor, backhoe, crane, pickup truck, vac-con truck, flatbed truck, emergency lighting equipment, safety equipment and boom truck.


High School or better.

Licenses & Certifications

Valid TX Driver Lic

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Commensurate with experience and qualifications

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