Plant Superintendent - City of Garland

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Position Type

Work for Water

Position Title
Plant Superintendent - City of Garland
Position Description

Responsible for facilitating and coordinating the planning, organizing, and operation of either a 24 or 40 MGD advanced wastewater treatment plant. Also, responsible for treating and discharging water that meets federal and state mandated regulations.


Position Salary

Min: USD $69,867.00/Yr., Mid: USD $90,834.00/Yr.

Position Notes

Frequent exposure to unpleasant environmental conditions and/or hazards. Frequent work performed outside or with exposure to risk including exposure to hazardous chemicals, raw sewage, communicable diseases, loud or constant noise, electricity, humidity, wetness, extreme temperatures, heights, odors, gases, mists, confined spaces, climbing ladders, cramped spaces, and inherent construction related hazards. Position is subject to 24-hour call out, 365 days per year.

Position Minimum Experience

- Two year college degree (Not required)
- 7 years experience
- 2 years supervisory or lead experience
- TCEQ Class A Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator license
Or an equivalent combination of education and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential functions of the job.


Preferred Education

Education/ Experience: Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Chemistry or related physical science or Engineering, 7 to 10 years experience in advanced biological wastewater treatment, 2 to 4 years supervisory experience at a 10-million gallon per day or greater treatment capacity plant, extensive knowledge of the physical, chemical and biological aspects of the treatment and transportation of water/wastewater, extensive knowledge of federal and state rules and regulations relating to the treatment and discharge of water, proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel and Word), ability to read, review and interpret construction plans and specifications, ability to comprehend and operate a computerized plant SCADA system

Scope of Responsibilities

1. Manage the daily operational, maintenance and biosolids activities.
2. Review maintenance work orders reports to maintain regulatory compliance.
3. Analyze and adjust operations in order to ensure that the plant is meeting all of the federal and state mandated effluent permit parameters.
4. Prepare monthly and annual permit compliance reports for various federal and state regulatory agencies.
5. Plan/approve employee work schedules.
6. Consult with outside contractors i.e. sludge haulers and engineering firms.
7. Coordinate Plant tours. Coordinate work between internal city departments.
8. Complete skill-based pay employee performance appraisals and reviews.
9. Review and schedule employees annual training
10. Act as assessor for Skilled Base Pay testing.
11. Review and edit Skill Base Pay Policy.
12. Ensure workplace safety and employee development goals are met.
13. Maintain Confine Space documentation and compliance.
14. Ensure that all safety inspection forms are complete each month, i.e. SCBA, AED and oxygen tank inspections.
15. Maintain Environmental Protection Agency Risk Management Program
16. Develop and maintain skill-sets for skill-based pay in order to keep required skills updated.

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