Water Meter Mechanic

The Details

Position Type

Work for Water

Position Title
Water Meter Mechanic
Position Description

Responsible for ensuring accurate meters and responding to the needs of the public

Position Salary

$15.00 hourly - 18.76 hourly

Position Notes


Position Minimum Experience



Preferred Education

Minimum High School diploma or GED equivalent

Scope of Responsibilities

· Installs and resets meter boxes and lids throughout the city, ensures accessibility to Meter Readers

· Turns water service on and off as requested by customers or the Water Meter Shop

· Makes repairs and tests meters in the field and in the Meter Shop

· Aids in the investigation of customer problems; including leaks and high bills, conducts repairs and changes out water meters as necessary

· Replaces landscaping from repair damage that may occur; repairs or replaces broken curb stops

· Locates buried meters for Meter Readers, reads meters when it is not possible for the Meter Services Technicians to gain access

· Acquires reads and locates meters for other departments

· Installs water meters for new services and changes them out according to change out program; verifies meters are servicing correct addresses

Additional Duties:

· Performs other duties as assigned

· On call is a requirement of this position

Core Competencies:

· Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing

· Ability to form and maintain effective relationships with coworkers and customers

· Ability to maintain regular and punctual attendance

Conditions of Employment:

· Must have a valid Class “C” Driver’s License and valid state required minimum automobile liability insurance prior to employment (must obtain Texas Class “C” driver’s license and state required minimum automobile liability insurance within 30 days of hire per state law)

·Must pass a drug test, driver’s license check, criminal history background check, and social security number verification check

· Must pass a physical examination

· Must be able to work overtime and on-call as needed


· Prior plumbing or waterworks experience

Physical Requirements:

Overall Strength Demands: the overall strength demand of the functions performed by the incumbent during a typical workday.

· Heavy – lifting no more than 100 pounds, carry up to 50 pounds

Y = Yes

N = No

E = extensive (100-70%)

M = moderate (60-30%)

I = infrequent (20-10%)

A = almost never (<10%)

Task: Code:

1. Standing: E

2. Sitting: I

3. Walking: M

4. Lifting: E

5. Carrying: E

6. Pushing/Pulling: M

7. Overhead Work: I

8. Fine Dexterity: E

9. Kneeling: E

10. Crouching: E

11. Crawling: M

12. Bending: E

13. Twisting: E

14. Climbing: M

15. Balancing: Y

16. Vision: Y

17. Hearing: Y

18. Talking: Y

19. Video Display: N

20. Driving: Y

Machines, Tools, Equipment and Work Aids:

The essential functions of this position require the use of meter repair hand tools such as shovels, pipe wrenches; incumbent must wear, eye protection and safety clothing.

Application Closing Date

April 7, 2020

Application Instructions


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