WW Conveyance Supervisor II

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Work for Water

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WW Conveyance Supervisor II
Position Description

The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) is a regional provider of water, wastewater, and solid waste services for municipalities in the Dallas area.  More specifically, NTMWD provides wastewater collection and treatment services to approximately 1,000,000 people located north and east of Dallas  The wastewater conveyance system transfers flow from the Cities to 14 wastewater treatment plants and includes 23 lift stations, over 200 miles of large diameter pipelines, and 40 remote meter stations. NTMWD is looking for a highly motivated individual to serve as the Wastewater Conveyance System Supervisor. Please see the job description for additional information.

Position Salary

Salary is $68,724 - $101,711 annually DOQ

Position Notes


Position Minimum Experience

1. Ability to skillfully manage operations and maintenance personal to efficiently operate and maintain a wastewater conveyance system
2. Strong administrative, planning, and management capabilities
3. Must maintain an in-depth knowledge of wastewater conveyance, compliance requirements, operations and maintenance requirements, and reporting/record keeping requirements; including the ability to troubleshoot wastewater equipment and processes and be knowledgeable with performing wastewater tests and interpreting results.
4. Must communicate effectively, both written and verbally, with supervisors, peers, and subordinates to convey information.
5. Maintain basic computer skills, and electrical and mechanical knowledge.
6. Maintain a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (or predecessor agency) Class III Wastewater Collection System License.
7. Possess eight (8) years of experience in wastewater conveyance or a suitable combination of directly relevant education and experience, as determined by NTMWD.
8. Possess a high school diploma or GED (an associate degree or trade certification is preferred).
9. Maintain a valid Texas Driver’s License.


Preferred Education

Possess a high school diploma or GED (an associate degree or trade certification is preferred).

Scope of Responsibilities

1. Work collaboratively with the senior Wastewater Department managers and operators to manage wastewater conveyance activities; assuring optimal efficiency, proper monitoring, and regulatory compliance.
2. Monitor wastewater conveyance operations by observation, reviewing data, and reading instrumentation (SCADA) to ensure compliant and efficient operations.
3. Manage a range of wastewater conveyance activities including, but not limited to, operation of equipment, maintenance, monitoring systems, managing equipment performance and process data, process improvement, record keeping, and preparation of standard operating procedures (SOPs) as necessary.
4. Provide adequate, timely, and essential information for preparation of the budgets, reports, and studies.
5. Prepare and monitor work schedules and monthly, annual, and special reports on wastewater conveyance management, renewal, operation, and maintenance.
6. Respond to stakeholder inquiries regarding wastewater conveyance and odor complaints in a timely and effective manner.
7. Train, lead, and mentor staff, including assisting in evaluating the performance of staff; provide leadership by example and a positive role model for NTMWD employees.
8. Create service requests for needed repairs and renewal; manage and coordinate with maintenance personnel; and plan and implement maintenance procedures for assets and lift stations (includes inventory control and management).
9. Vigilantly monitor the wastewater conveyance system for any breaches of security and alert appropriate law enforcement agencies and/or supervisors, as appropriate for the situation.
10. Ensure the maintenance of logs and records in both written and electronic form as required; use these records to improve the function and efficiency of various operations.
11. Maintain wastewater conveyance facilities grounds and general housekeeping, as well as the appearance of facilities, in collaboration with other staff and outside contractors.
12. Monitor systems and assets during emergencies and scheduled shutdowns; troubleshoot, diagnose, and report problems; respond to emergencies; and schedule and coordinate responses, repairs, clean up, remediation, etc.
13. Observe safety guidelines as required by State statutes and as prescribed by the NTMWD. This includes identifying and mitigating safety hazards as well as assisting in the implementation of safety programs.
14. Manage personnel to receive shipments, monitor unloading processes, record into inventory, and check shipment documents for compliance to standard.
15. Learn, comply, and enforce applicable NTMWD policies and procedures.
16. Assume the responsibilities of direct supervisor(s) and subordinates as required.
17. Perform other duties as assigned.

Application Closing Date

August 17, 2018

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