Mission Statement and Vision Statement

Mission: The Water Environment Association of Texas is a nonprofit organization of professionals who benefit society through protecting and enhancing the environment by providing education and awareness on the value of water.

Vision: The resource for preserving, enhancing, and advocating water quality in Texas.

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Educate the public on water environmental issues.

Increase the knowledge and understanding of the earth’s water environment and encourage and promote action necessary for its enhancement. Grow public awareness of the relationship of water resources to public welfare and the need for clean water, resource recovery, preservation, conservation, and reuse of water resources.

Meet the needs of its members for professional growth and development.

Advance the knowledge and technology in the design, construction, operation, and management of water quality control systems and facilities. Strengthen and build alliances with other water organizations incorporating members of all professions dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of water quality and water resources.

Benefit society through protection and enhancement of the water environment.

Promote sound legislative and regulatory policy in matters relating to the water environment.

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History & Background

The Water Environment Association of Texas (WEAT), formerly known as the Texas Water Pollution Control Association (TWPCA), was founded by professionals in the field of water quality as a non-profit, educational organization. TWPCA was created in 1962 and was incorporated in February 1978. The name was changed to the Water Environment Association of Texas in 1994. The roots of WEAT go back even further to 1928. The names of the earlier organizations were Texas Section of the Southwest Water Works Association (1928-1947), Sewage Division of the Texas Water Works and Sewage Short School (1944- 1947), and Sewage and Industrial Waste Section of the Texas Water and Sewage Works Association (1951-1961). Here is a list of past presidents.

Association members helped lead the way toward existing state and national clean water programs. Today the Association has over 4200 members representing diverse backgrounds and specialties, but all are concerned and involved with protecting and enhancing our precious water resources.