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WEAT Fact Sheets

Interested in water quality topics? Check out the WEAT Fact Sheets below. These fact sheets are curated with information that briefly explains the various topics of wastewater.

WQIQ - Advanced Operator Training

Training for new & longtime operators, encouraging best practices and providing CEU credit. All courses offer CEU credit, a licensed instructor, and course material. Contact the WEAT office at admin@WEAT.org to schedule your onsite Advanced Operator Training Course today. Course offerings are routinely update as new courses come online.

Water Quality Month

August is National Water Quality Month!

Find social media-ready Water Quality content on a variety of topics to help you successfully communicate with your audiences.

Pollution Prevention Week

WEAT recognizes Pollution Prevention Week! Check out the additional resources for you to share on social media.

Check out all the resources below and celebrate with us!

Wastewater Treatment

Where does it all go after we flush the toilet or pull the plug on the drain, and what’s more, how does it safely find its way back into the environment?

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