Operations Challenge is multi-day competition designed to showcase the team’s knowledge and skills in Process Control, Laboratory Analysis, Pump Maintenance, Collection System Repair, Safety, Electrical and our Annual Exhibition Event. The top Texas teams are sponsored to represent WEAT at the National Operation Challenge Competition at WEFTEC.

WEFTEC 2023: The NTMWD Centrifugal Force and TRA River Guardians competed in Division 1, where the Centrifugal Force earned second place overall and River Guardians 9th place overall. The Fort Worth Regulators and Central Snappers competed in Division 2. The TRAilblazers placed 4th overall in Division 3.

Texas Water 2023: Nine teams competed in the Operations Challenge

  1. NTMWD Centrifugal Force (1st place overall)
  2. TRA River Guardians (2nd place overall)
  3. The TRAilblazers (3rd place overall)
  4. The Fort Worth Regulators
  5. DWU Central Snappers
  6. DWU AquaTechs
  7. Flying SAWSers
  8. Houston Microbe Masters
  9. LA Wrecking Crew - California WEA
  • Centrifugal Force Texas Water 2023
  • TRA River Guardians Texas Water 2023
  • TR Ailblazers Texas Water 2023