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Advance your career, grow your professional network, build your knowledge base, and stay connected to the clean water world. If you work for water in Texas, WEAT is the organization for you.

Membership brings you free webinars, discounts on conferences and trade shows, and access to a group of dedicated professionals across the state working to keep our communities safe. Whether you are a student looking for your first job, a recent arrival to Texas who wants to meet other professionals in your field, or a veteran operator that wants to train the next generation of workers, we have a place for you in the Water Environment Association of Texas. Join us, and be a part of a 3500-strong organization of the hardest-working, most dedicated, and friendliest clean water professionals you have ever met.

WEAT-Only member pricing is $70.

In 2022, we offered 18 hours of complimentary CEU credit as a member benefit. WEAT provided a total of 75.5 hours of CEU credit as a member benefit in 2022. That's a lot of hours!

In 2023, as we continue to roll out additional Advanced Operator classes known as our WQ/IQ Program, WEAT-Only membership dues will be $70.

We encourage both new and renewing members to take advantage of the free and discounted CEU credits included with your membership. These can take the form of lunchtime webinars and section events, single-day seminars, or multi-day conferences and exhibit shows. Whatever your needs or availability, WEAT is your resource for knowledge sharing and industry best practices.

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We want to make it easy to join WEAT, and accept a variety of digital and physical payment methods. Let us know if you would like help registering yourself or your coworkers and we can walk you through the process.

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Utility Membership

Are you a utility manager or leader? Do you want to provide on-site CEU opportunities to your workforce? Consider a WEAT Utility Membership. One time yearly billing for all your employee members, all the regular WEAT Membership benefits, discounts on Advanced Operator Training courses presented at your facilities, and discounted rates the more members you sign up.

If you are interested in signing up your employer for a WEAT Utility Membership, please reach out to to schedule a consultation.

WEF Membership

While WEAT is a Member Association of WEF, we also offer WEAT-Only memberships. Click the “Join Now” button at the top of the page to become a WEAT-Only member. If you are interested in becoming a member of both WEF and WEAT, you can sign up for both at WEF’s website. During the process of creating your WEF account, you will be asked which Membership Association you would like to join. This is where you can select the Water Environment Association of Texas, and within 1-3 weeks we will create your WEAT account. Your WEAT account will be linked with your WEF account, so any future renewals with WEF will be reflected in your WEAT account!

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Continuing Education & Conferences

WEAT hosts or co-hosts a number of specialty conferences per year focusing on real-world problems and providing presentations on viable solution options. Topics such as collection systems, odor and corrosion management, biosolids, water reuse, safety & security to name a few, are given a deep dive and provide WEAT members the latest in treatment techniques and BMPs.

Professional Networking Opportunities

WEAT provides a venue for professional development and leadership opportunities for young and seasoned professionals alike. WEAT’s numerous networking events and section meetings bring together peers and colleagues for valuable professional growth and leadership skill development.

For a Greater Good

Being a member of WEAT means you are part of something bigger than you are. You are part of a team of passionate clean water advocates protecting human and environmental health now and into the future. You protect and manage a vital resource, Texas water.

“I am thankful for WEAT because the organization created academic and career opportunities. WEAT gave me the opportunity to meet people who share my experiences and vision for vocational training and education.”

October Membership Campaign 24

Brandum Pierson

Houston Community College

"Through the different roles I’ve had within WEAT, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with so many tremendous people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. All these people working towards the goal of positively impacting the communities around us."

October Membership Campaign 25

Kristin O'Neill

Brown & Caldwell