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At $50 per year, a WEAT membership provides ample benefit to you, your employer, and the environment as you gain access to networking and professional development events, service activities, and interaction with innovative technologies.

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Continuing Education & Conferences

WEAT hosts or co-hosts a number of specialty conferences per year focusing on real-world problems and providing presentations on viable solution options. Topics such as collection systems, odor and corrosion management, biosolids, water reuse, safety & security to name a few, are given a deep dive and provide WEAT members the latest in treatment techniques and BMPs.

Professional Networking Opportunities

WEAT provides a venue for professional development and leadership opportunities for young and seasoned professionals alike. WEAT’s numerous networking events and section meetings bring together peers and colleagues for valuable professional growth and leadership skill development.

For a Greater Good

Being a member of WEAT means you are part of something bigger than you are. You are part of a team of passionate clean water advocates protecting human and environmental health now and into the future. You protect and manage a vital resource, Texas water.

“I was encouraged by my boss to join, and then later he strong-armed me into an officer’s role in the local section! Best decision he ever made for me!”

Jackson David Boardmember

David Jackson

Freese and Nichols

"As a member of WEAT, I know I’m part of a team whose members are all dedicated to supporting each other in critically significant work, safeguarding our community’s health and environment. Cleaning water is THE enterprise."

Puneet Gupta

Puneet Gupta

Gupta & Associates Inc