Electrical 101

TCEQ Approved Credit Hours

2 hours Water & Wastewater Operators

Course Description

The program is intended for non-electrical engineering technical staff members who are in project manager or other similar roles. It starts with explaining some of the technical terms that are often mis-applied. The training relates industrial considerations to household examples to build upon everyday experiences. It quickly covers some of the basics of electricity that are needed to better understand some of the concepts presented later such as electrical safety and overcurrent protection. The training then explains some of the design considerations for the installation of various typical electrical equipment that is used in water/wastewater applications. It then reviews some of the typical electrical engineering design plan drawings that are included in construction design documents, it connects what is on the drawing to what is physically installed, and it explains how one type of drawing supplements another. Finally, it covers some of the more important safety considerations for electrical installations and operations.

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