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What are Biosolids?

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Biosolids Management Information and Events

The Water Environment Federation has recently completed a new Biosolids Communications Toolkit!

The comprehensive toolkit is a resource for communicating about biosolids in ways that are factual, science-based, and easily understandable by those who might be hearing about biosolids for the first time. The toolkit includes guidance on some of the more challenging communication tasks you may encounter—responding to, or proactively pursuing media coverage, handling concerns raised about the safety of biosolids, creating presentations for use at events or meetings with the public, and developing content to post online or on social media. The toolkit features messages that serve as an overall umbrella that can be adapted for FAQs, talking points, community meetings, fact sheets, brochures, social media, and websites.

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WEAT Ronald B. Sieger Biosolids Management Award

The WEAT Ronald B. Sieger Biosolids Management Award recognizes a WEAT member, an engineering firm, a specific project, a municipality, or a specific municipal or industrial facility that has made significant accomplishments in the field of biosolids technology and management practices within the boundaries of the State of Texas.

Recent Award Recipients:

2021 - Tad Eaton

2020 - Sherri van der Wege

2019 - David Galindo

2018 - Temple-Belton Wastewater Plant Biosolids Program, BRA

2017 - City of Denton Dyno Dirt

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