This page is intended to be an up-to-date resource with the most recent news on how the COVID pandemic is affecting the water quality industry, what we are doing to respond, and the economic and public safety outlook going forward. If you'd like to help your WEAT team better understand your unique challenges and meet your needs during the Covid-19 pandemic, take our Google Survey.

As of May 4, Texas has reported 32,332 cases and 884 deaths, an increase of roughly 33% since last week. 213 of our state's 254 counties have reported cases.

TCEQ-Approved Online Training Courses for TCEQ Occupational Licenses

COVID-19 update letter from TCEQ Office of Compliance & Enforcement

COVID-19 Implications for EPA’s Enforcement and Compliance Assurance Program

A vote by the Texas Public Utilities Commission has banned utilities from cutting off power and water services to those Texans who have lost jobs and income during the ongoing public health crisis.

Researchers at the University of Arizona say that municipal wastewater streams could be sampled and analyzed in order to track the spread of COVID-19. Sample testing in Tuscon showed that the viral presence is evident in in untreated sewage, but was not visible in treated effluent or solids.

NTMWD Director Tom Kula used a guest column in the Allen American to assuage concerns about COVID-19 and Water Safety.

The National Law Review breaks down options that apply under Force Majeure clauses in Texas Law.

The EPA has recommended that state leaders define drinking water and wastewater employees as essential workers when enacting restrictions such as shelter in place. And while that work is obviously critical even in light of a health emergency, in Texas, essential infrastructure and flood planning may see funding cut as unspent rainy day funds are rerouted to a state government facing unexpected shortfalls.

WEF announced on May 4 that they expect the annual WEFTEC Conference to go ahead, possibly entirely virtually, from October 3 - 7, 2020, they have also convened "a Blue-Ribbon Panel of experts to evaluate information on biological hazards and safety precautions" for wastewater operators and workes.

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