Curtis Smalley Memorial Scholarship Endowment

The Curtis Smalley Memorial Endowment was created to honor the passion and work of Curtis Smalley. Curtis was an active WEF/WEAT member for more than 25 years. He embodied the roles of wastewater operator and became known as a true water leader, whose larger-than-life presence was only overshadowed by his immense passion for water and the need to protect it. He got his start in the water industry as a wastewater operator and was dedicated to advancing the professionalism of water and wastewater operators. He viewed water as the most important element on Earth and encouraged others to feed their passion and let it infect others.

Check donations should be made payable to WEAT Scholarship Fund and mailed to:

ATTN: Lindsay Kovar

10777 Westheimer, Ste 400

Houston, TX 77042

Contact with any questions.