2022 Collections Systems and Odor & Corrosion Specialty Conference: Call for Abstracts

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Submit your abstracts using the form below for a chance to present at the 2022 Collections Systems and Odor & Corrosion Specialty Conference.

Abstract Submission Form

The WEAT Collection Systems and Odor and Corrosion Committees are seeking submissions of abstracts on the proposed topics to be presented at the 2022 WEAT Collections Specialty Conference:

Proposed Topics:

  • The New Normal - Post Pandemic Changes to Maintaining/Operating Collection Systems
    • Budgeting/Planning for worldwide material shortages
    • Unsung heroes: Pandemic/2021 Winter Storm
  • Collection System Planning and Financing – adapting to growth as expansion demands increase
    • Funding
    • Climate Change impacts
    • Staffing/Equipment
    • Prioritizing Capital Improvements and Risk Assessment
  • Collection System O&M Activities – What is New and/or Tried and True
    • Innovation/Trends in CMOM Practices
    • Inspection and Testing Methods and Technologies
    • Corrosion Assessment and Control Methods and Technologies
    • Using Digital Technologies to Monitor and Operate Odor and Corrosion Control Programs
  • Collection System O&M Data – How to Collect It and Apply It
    • Collecting O&M Data (Methods and Procedures)
    • Managing O&M Data (GIS, Databases, Mobile Computing, Data Security)
    • Use of Integrated Data/Sensor Technology
  • · Collection System O&M Odor Management: Navigating a Changing Landscape
    • Environmental Justice/Equity: Implications for Odor Abatement
    • Odor Management and Acceptance of Collection Systems in a World Controlled by Social Media
    • How Booming Development, Suburban Sprawl Affect System Planning, Sizing, Odor Control
  • Collection System O&M Rehabilitation Methods and Contracting Vehicles
  • Collection System Regulatory Compliance & Updates

For more information regarding abstract topics, please review the document below.

Call for Abstracts

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