2023-2024 WEAT Officer Nominations Deadline

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We are currently seeking nominations for WEAT officer positions!

These positions will begin service in late April, after board approval at the 2023 Texas Water WEAT Executive Board Meeting.

Vice President – One-year term as a voting member of WEAT board and MRC who advances to President-Elect, President, and Past President, with board approval, in years two, three, and four.

Secretary – Two-year term as a voting member of the WEAT board and MRC. Prepares minutes of WEAT board meetings and other WEAT meetings as requested by the President.

Jr. Delegate – WEF Jr. Delegate shall represent the Association in the conduct of all business by the WEF House of Delegates for a term of three years and is a voting member of the WEAT board and MRC.

Deputy Treasurer – Two-year term on the WEAT board and MRC (first year as a non-voting member). Assists Treasurer, who prepares the WEAT budget and financial reports in coordination with the WEAT office and President. Deputy Treasurer advances to Treasurer (as a voting board and MRC member) in year two.

Please submit nominations by Wednesday, March 1, 2023, through the online nomination form by clicking the button below.

For more information, please contact Jeff Caffey at jcaffey@plummer.com or at (817) 806-1700.

Individuals can nominate themselves. We look forward to your nominations and welcoming new leadership to the WEAT team!

Online Nomination Form

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