2020 Eckenfelder Lecture Series: Operational Strategies and Optimization Guidance


  • Leiv Rieger, PhD, P.E., CEO, InCTRL Solutions
  • Eric Redmond, P.E., Black and Veatch
  • Mark Reeves, P.E., Trinity River Authority

Process Control Fundamentals: Leiv Rieger will provide an overview of process control fundamentals. The presentation will start with basic control concepts like feedback control, controller cascades and its application in wastewater treatment. After the fundamentals section, focus will be given to designing, commissioning, and maintaining process control systems for nutrient removal.

Long Term Implementation of Low Energy Nutrient Removal at TRA-CRWS: The Trinity River Authority (TRA) has been advancing low energy nutrient removal at the Central Regional Wastewater System (CRWS) Treatment Plant for more than a decade. Eric Redmond will provide insight into TRA’s long history of nutrient removal implementation. This presentation will provide a timeline of activities, key observations related to low DO nutrient removal, and insights into the performance capabilities of a simplified nutrient removal configuration.

Process Modeling and Controls at TRA-CRWS: Mark Reeves will expand upon Trinity River Authority’s (TRA) nutrient removal experience. Mark has served as an Operator and now as Process Control System Automation Engineer at the TRA Central Regional Wastewater System (CRWS) Treatment Plant and can provide insights into the implementation and optimization of TRA’s nutrient removal strategies. He will specifically speak to work he has been involved in with process modeling and controls optimization for operators.

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