Operational Preparedness Webinar: Protecting Essential Workers During COVID-19

Protecting Essential Workers During COVID-19

Webinar Overview: This webinar will provide the audience with an understanding of the strategies and tactics to protect essential workers in both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities. Discussion about procedural changes that have been implemented to proactively protect employees and contractors. Elaboration of how new relevant information is captured and implemented into existing pandemic plans.


Brianna Morales – Facility Manager/Blackhawk Facility - Gulf Coast Authority

Phyllis Frank – Facility Manager/Washburn Tunnel Facility – Gulf Coast Authority

*1 hour of water and wastewater credit has been requested through the TCEQ.

WEAT is providing a series of webinars on a bi-weekly basis that are aimed at helping our membership navigate the challenges we are facing, as we learn how to deal with the ever-changing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Considering how quickly we are seeing changes to our way of life and the way we do business, the webinar series topics will be fluid in an attempt to address the current issues of the day. In general, topics that are anticipated are as follows:

  • Construction Management Challenges Associated with Social Distancing
  • Operational Impact of a Skeleton Crew due to COVID-19
  • Protecting Essential Workers During COVID-19
  • Emergency Response Planning and Lessons Learned Associated with an Unprecedented Pandemic
  • Economic Impact of COVID-19 on the Water/Wastewater Industry Subject matter experts will provide presentations and respond to questions from attendees in an effort to share knowledge within our industry

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