Innovation Ecosystem Virtual Workshop


The proposed Smart One Water (SOW) Cyber-Physical-Social infrastructure NSF-ERC will transform the way people interact with water services; will advance measurement and decision support technologies for adaptive management of engineered and natural water systems driven by societal needs for resilience, sustainability, and social justice. The water sector is transforming from engineering centric to a more technology-enabled customer focus. The transformation is being driven by the emergence of new consumer and network technologies, and ever-increasing demands, environmental concerns and economic globalization. Key to a sustainable and resilient water service relies on breaking down resistance to technological innovation and new ways of one water management.

Workshop Agenda

1:15 pm: NSR-ERC-SOW - Sunil Sinha, Professor & Director, SWIM Center, Virginia Tech

1:15 pm: Digital Utility – Shannon Dunne, Sr. Director, Houston Water

1:30 pm: Innovation Platform – Walter Graf, Program Director, Intelligent Water, WRF

1:45 pm: Innovation in Water – Jovita Nsoh, CTO, Microsoft

2:00 pm: Digital Innovative – Albert Cho, Vice President, Xylem

2:15 pm: Smart One Water – Strategies for Innovation Ecosystem

Moderator: David Dzombak, Chair, Carnegie Mellon University

The “SOW” paradigm will operationalize resilient and sustainable water systems by coupling cyberphysical and social systems to integrate data and decisions across governance systems, spatiotemporal scales, the natural-to-built interface, climatic regions, and natural and anthropogenic threats.

2:30 pm: Innovation Ecosystem Breakout Sessions (Utility and Non-Utility Rooms)

Moderators: Shannon Dunne (Utility Room) and Melissa Meeker (Non-Utility Room)

3:00 pm: Innovation Ecosystem Summary Discussion (Main Room)

3:15 pm - 3:30 pm: Coffee Break

3:30 pm: Smart One Water Digital Innovation Technologies

Moderator: Jim Cooper, Assoc. VP, Intelligent Water, ARCADIS

The “ERC” will support research and education to advance water systems as well as link with water sector stakeholders, leveraging existing collaborations. as well as partnerships with water utilities.

3:45 pm: Digital Technology Breakout Sessions (Utility and Non-Utility Rooms)

Moderators: Fazle Rabbi (Utility Room) and Jon Greene (Non-Utility Room)

4:15 pm: Digital Technology Summary Discussion (Main Room)

4:30 pm: Summary of Activities and Discussion on Path Forward (Main Room)

Moderator: Ken Thompson, Global Technology Lead – IoT and Smart Sensors, Jacobs

5:00 pm: Workshop Wrap-Up
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