Lhoist Open House


Join us for a unique presentation on lime's water quality applications. Registration for this limited-capacity event is open to all.

This event will be a one-of-a-kind exposition on the capabilities of lime use in both municipal and industrial water & wastewater treatment. Participants will experience live slaking and slurry demonstrations, learn of best practices of lime storage, mixing, pumping, and dosing; and visualize jar testing comparisons to highlight differences between lime vs. caustic soda vs. magnesium hydroxide.

Safety equipment required: closed toe shoes, pants, no contacts.


  • Lime 101
    • Applications
    • Slurry types
      • Live slaking/slurry demonstration while discussing lime cycle
    • Wet Sieving Demo
      • Visually see particle size difference by screening a quicklime slurry and a hydrate slurry simultaneously
      • Discuss how particle size influences behavior of lime and the efficacy of a product
    • Best Practices
      • Lime storage, mixing, pumping, dosing etc.,
  • Water Testing
    • Jar testing
      • pH adjustment: caustic soda, magnesium hydroxide, hydrate slurry, and SLS45
    • Water softening
    • Wastewater
      • Live dissolution demonstrations to highlight lime vs. caustic soda vs. magnesium hydroxide
  • Lab Tour
    • High-level overview of lab capabilities
    • Equipment – demonstrate field trial equipment

Presenters: Debbie Ballard; Kirsten Ballard, Kevin Ingram, Hugues Lambert

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