Mentorship Program Webinar

Please join WEAT and TAWWA for a joint webinar highlighting the annual Mentorship Program!

The TAWWA/WEAT Mentorship Program is an annual program to facilitate communication between young and experienced professionals to develop the future water workforce. We encourage individuals from all aspects of the water field, including technicians, operators, students, scientists, engineers, builders, and manufacturers to participate in this great program. The program lasts approximately one year and concludes at the following year’s Texas Water Conference, but we encourage individuals to continue learning from each other even after the program officially ends to continue professional development.

This webinar will feature a panel of past participants in the Mentorship Program moderated by the Program’s co-chairs Ishita Rahman & Eric Kong. The goal of the webinar is to answer questions about the Program for potential mentors and mentees, share the benefits and opportunities, and present meeting ideas to encourage participation. Hope to see you there!

This webinar is free and open to all, no membership required.

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