Advanced Primary Treatment – Current and Emerging Technologies

With ever increasing energy costs, reducing organic loading to the secondary treatment process has become the focus at water resource recovery facilities (WRRFs). Advanced primary treatment systems not only save energy and increase secondary treatment system capacity but also increase gas production in the digestion process. Join this webinar sponsored by WEAT’s Municipal Resource Recovery Design Committee (MRRDC) as the industry experts discuss current and emerging technologies in advanced primary treatment. You will learn about the purpose, drivers, and benefits of advanced primary treatment; current and emerging technologies; and case studies on successful implementation of advanced primary treatment at pilot and full scale installations.

Part 1: Introduction to Advanced Primary Treatment

Speaker: Nathan Antonneau, P.E., Archer Western

Part 2: Case Study #1: Pilot Testing of Advanced Primary Treatment Technologies at Village Creek WRRF

Speaker: Ana Julia Pena Tijerina, Ph.D., P.E., City of Fort Worth

Part 3: Case Study #2 – Full-Scale Primary Filtration at Linda County WRRF

Speaker: Onder Caliskaner, Ph.D. P.E., Kennedy Jenks


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