Preparing Utilities for the Post-Digital Era

Q2 26

We are entering a “post-digital” era of government – where digital is normalized within utilities.

After more than 20 years of digital technology investments, the business case for further investment reaches beyond improved management, to focus on delivering enduring mission outcomes.

Join this webinar to explore the journey towards post-digital utilities, the implications of a mission-focused strategy, and the insight require to achieve the optimal balance between intervention and reactive support, and by orchestrating its complex digital ecosystem.

Participants also will understand what actions that Utilities and leaders need to take to prepare for the post-digital era.
· Understand the drivers and priorities of utilities moving into a post-digital era
· Explore the impact of post digital on the capabilities and approaches for utilities in the 21st Century
· Identify the actions utilities can take today to thrive in a post-digital era

Presented by Freddie Guerra, GHD and Dan Olson, Garver.

1 hour of CEU has been requested from TCEQ.

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