Webinar: Top 10 Digital Trends and Making SCADA Data Work for You

Part 1: Top 10 Digital Trends in Water and How Might They Impact You

Technology is evolving rapidly and its application to the water industry is increasing at a tremendous speed. This trend, sometimes called digital transformation, impacts the way utilities operate and deliver services to customers. This presentation will identify the top 10 focus areas, describe in detail what each one consists of, and will focus on the specific impact to SCADA, both from a technical and people perspective.


Jim Cooper, Global Leader Intelligent Water, Arcadis

Esteban Azagra, Business Advisory Leader, Arcadis

Part 2: Simplify Work Orders using SCADA – Making SCADA Data Work for You

A critical component is leveraging the data that you already have. SCADA is available to help define operating parameters, set operational guidelines and even drive the responses needed. By leveraging SCADA, and its real time operating conditions, the same conditions that are presented on the operator interfaces within the plant control room, automated responses can be created. These automated responses are consistent and repeatable which allows them to be scalable and transferrable to all operators. By leveraging the SCADA data, plant operators can use the real time data to create automated work orders within their existing CMMS or even create electronic Standard Operating Procedures that ensure all operators as well as plant staff are responding in the most optimal and consistent manner possible. By leveraging the automated work order creation, predictive and reactive work orders can be automated based upon run time or failure modes prescribed, generating consistency and efficiency asset maintenance strategies. The SOPs that are implemented can begin to support training programs. These SOPs can also begin to support compliance reporting and enhancing and validating the compliance driven operations. These actions allow for time to be given back to the resources to be prioritized in a more effective manner by leadership.


Aaron Cromer, PE, MBA, Director of Strategic Partnerships, GrayMatter

Richard Dreher, Director of Water Projects, GrayMatter

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