WEAT Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) Award Nomination

The WEAT Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award was established to recognize the people and organizations behind DEI approaches and programs in the water sector in Texas. Having DEI initiatives and programs in the Texas water workforce is essential to efficiently finding effective and equitable solutions to all challenges in the water sector. WEAT understands that uniting all voices and giving everyone equitable access to industry opportunities, decision-makers, and regulators will benefit us all. It also provides important visibility to all groups and people; including those previously underrepresented. The WEAT Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion award is meant to underscore, recognize, celebrate and encourage those promoting a greater understanding and appreciation for DEI throughout WEAT membership and the water sector in Texas.

General Criteria:
  1. The nominee, or an employee at the nominated company, shall be a current member of WEAT or WEF.
  2. The nominee shall have contributed to the promotion and awareness of DE&I in a demonstrable way in the Texas water sector.
  3. The nomination shall include at least one letter of recommendation.
  4. The nomination shall include a short biography of the nominee.
  5. The nomination shall include a short explanation of the DEI approaches and/or initiatives and the steps taken to put DEI in action.
  6. A cover letter summary of how the nominee meets the criteria and why the nominee should receive the award is required.
2 delivery options: Provide in paragraph form above or attach file below.

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