Medal of Honor for Heroism Award Nomination

The WEAT Medal of Honor for Heroism shall be presented to an individual (or group of individuals) from the State of Texas who has demonstrated exceptional courage and bravery in the performance of a single act of heroic behavior toward his/her fellow man.

General Criteria:
  1. The nominee shall be a member of WEAT who has acted in either personal or professional life to perform an act of heroism (WEAT Membership Number must be provided.) , OR
  2. Shall be any Texas resident who has performed the act of heroism while involved in activities related to the water environment field.
  3. The performance of this deed of valor shall have demonstrated observance of appropriate safety procedures that accomplished the act of heroism without undue endangerment to the lives of either himself/herself or others involved.
  4. The award may be received only once by any single person.
  5. A one-page summary of how the nominee meets the criteria and why the nominee should receive the award is required.
2 delivery options: Provide in paragraph form above or attach file below.

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