Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination

The WEAT Lifetime Achievement Award shall be presented to an individual who has demonstrated continual and tireless contributions toward the improvement of the water environment throughout a long and distinguished career in the wastewater treatment industry and in WEAT/WEF. The award may be presented to more than one recipient in a single year and may also be awarded posthumously. It will not necessarily be presented every year.

General Criteria:
  1. The nominee shall be a current or retired member of WEAT and have a minimum of 20 years membership in WEF. The WEF/WEAT Membership Number must be provided.
  2. The nominee shall be a person of proven preeminence in numerous WEAT activities such as Section involvement, committee membership, membership advancement, etc.
  3. The nominee shall have held positions of leadership in the WEAT organization such as officer, committee chair, etc.
  4. The nomination shall include a short biography of the nominee.
  5. The nomination shall include a summary of both WEAT/WEF activities and the professional accomplishments of the nominee.
  6. The nomination shall include three or more letters of recommendation with at least one of those letters from either a current or past WEAT officer.
  7. A one-page summary of how the nominee meets the criteria and why the nominee should receive the award is required.
2 delivery options: Provide in paragraph form above or attach file below.

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