Exemplary Employer Award Nomination

The WEAT Exemplary Employer Award recognizes Texas employers who support and facilitate their employees’ involvement and activities within the WEAT and WEF organizations, with special consideration given to those employers who foster the involvement and activities among Young Professional WEAT members. The term “employers” may encompass municipalities, engineering firms, corporations, vendors, professional organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, etc.

General Criteria:
  1. The nominated employer shall exhibit company-wide support of and involvement in WEAT/WEF activities.
  2. The nominated employer shall render benefits to employees, especially Young Professional employees, through financial assistance toward employee memberships in WEAT/WEF.
  3. The nominated employer shall encourage employees to participate in WEAT/WEF activities and shall facilitate that participation even for volunteer activities that might occur during working hours.
  4. The nominated employer shall support and encourage technical and professional growth among its employees. Examples might include: encouraging participation in Committee activities at local, state, and national levels of WEAT and WEF; facilitating the attendance of employees at WEAT and WEF technical presentations; encouraging the submittal of employee technical abstracts for presentation at WEAT and WEF meetings, seminars, and conferences; and encouraging submittal of technical articles in WEAT and WEF professional and technical journals and publications. A one-page summary is required.
  5. The nomination shall include a minimum of three letters of endorsement including one letter from an employee and two letters from non-employee sources.

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