Innovative Technology Award Nomination

The WEAT Innovative Technology Award was established to recognize the people and companies behind innovative solutions that are making a difference in solving some of the sector's most pressing water challenges. The award serves to celebrate innovation in the water sector and foster the pursuit of solutions to water problems. WEAT understands that those seeking to solve water problems through innovative technologies can revolutionize the way we treat water and safeguard the environment. The WEAT Innovative Technology award is meant to underscore, recognize, and celebrate the importance of these trailblazing people and companies in addressing and innovating solutions to water challenges.

General Criteria:
  1. The nominee, or an employee at the nominated company, must be a current member of WEAT or WEF.
  2. The nominee must have contributed to the challenges of solving water problems in a demonstratively innovative way.
  3. The nomination must include at least one letter of recommendation.
  4. The nomination must include a short biography of the nominee.
  5. The nomination must include a short explanation of the water challenge and the innovative technology developed to solve the water challenge.
  6. A cover letter summary of how the nominee(s) meet the criteria and why the nominee should receive the award is required.
2 delivery options: Provide in paragraph form above or attach file below.

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