News Digest - Week of October 26th, 2018

It’s not just Texas that’s experiencing floods right now. In Qatar 2.3 inches of rain fell on the city in one day, the typical average is a little over 3 inches per year.

The Texas Water Development Board meets on Thursday, October 30th in the Stephen F. Austin Building, Austin, TX – Topics of discussion include the City of Blanco’s proposed new wastewater plant, wastewater infrastructure improvements for the City of Terrell and Jasper among other subjects.

That proposed wastewater plant in Blanco, is somewhat controversial in Hays county.

The Water Resources Development Act was signed into law on Tuesday – we’ve discussed some impacts it will have before, it’s important to note that it creates a “federal grant program to fund training and career development for workers in the water and wastewater industries

Amid efforts to effectively manage extraction and capacity in the Permian basin, Texas company H2O Midstream has signed a commercial reuse deal with oil company Legacy Reserves. H2O Midstream’s infrastructure will be able to pump, treat, and reuse over 11 million gallons of fracking wastewater per day.

NASA tested their “Ignition Overpressure Protection and Sound Suppression water deluge system” in Florida, releasing 450,000 gallons of water in one minute.

A topical reminder of the necessity of construction, and maintenance, of good water infrastructure from the ancient city of Angkor Wat.

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