News Digest - May 20, 2019

The Department of Energy has partnered with Baylor University to establish an Energy-Water Desalination Hub at the College of Arts & Sciences. Baylor joins four Department of Energy laboratories and more than a dozen universities in the National Alliance for Water Innovation

Spoiler Alert: Wastewater infrastructure is important. The final episode of HBO’s hit show “Game of Thrones” aired last night, and one of the last lines was probably the most important message of the show. Sewers are important, and clean water matters.

Another timely reminder of the importance of investing in infrastructure. Lake Dunlap on the Guadelupe River dropped by six feet following the failure of the Dunlap Dam. Officials at theGuadeloupe-Blanco River Authority say the dam was slated for upgrades and improvements before Tuesday’s failure.

An estimated one million Californians are exposed to arsenic, nitrate or other chemicals in their drinking water. A proposed tax on utilities and farms from Governor Gavin Newsom would bring in $140 million to supplement approved bond spending of $168 million.

Thirteen PFAS related bills received hearings in committee on Wednesday in D.C.

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