News Digest - June 28, 2019

Our friends on the Texas+Water team published Q&A’s with State Representative Lyle Larson and State Senator Charles Perry on the recent Legislative session. Both highlighted some of the legislative accomplishments of this session, with Larson focusing on bills that seek to improve water supply going forward and Perry calling out the flood control and mitigation efforts.

The NTMWD’s Bois D’Arc project was recognized by the North Central Texas Council of Governments with a CLIDE Award (Celebrating Leadership in Development Excellence) for 2019. The 16,641 acre reservoir will be the first completed in Texas for 30 years and was judged an excellent example of Special Development in the region.

In Central Texas, homeowners on the Guadelupe River debate how to maintain and provide for aging dam infrastructure.

Spoetzl brewery, home of Shiner Bock, shows off theiron-site treatment plant, a 1.1 million gallon facility that recycles biogas for use in the brewery’s boiler room.

Governor Abbott vetoed House Bill 1806 last week, the bipartisan bill would have allowed SAWS to pump and sell water from the Edwards Aquifer to residents and developments in counties that don’t fall under the jurisdiction of the Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA). The EAA was created by the state legislature, which prohibited the sale of aquifer water to adjacent counties. SAWS maintains that they expect to meet existing and future demands outside of the EAA area with surface water supplies, and sought the authority to sell groundwater as a potential backup to surface water supplies that they expect to utilize in serving new and existing customers.

Residents of Chennai, India are experiencing more than just a day without water, while they wait for the monsoon season to reinvigorate the surface water sources they rely on for drinking water. Satellite images from June 2018 and this month show a dramatic decline in the Puzhal Lake reservoir. Neighboring cities and states are bringin in water by truck as a temporary measure until the lakes are resupplied.

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