News Digest - July 26, 2019

The ballot order for proposed amendments to the Texas State Constitution in this November’s election has been announced. While every potential amendment is significant on it’s own, we’re paying particular attention to Propositions 2 and 8, which authorize new spending on wastewater, and flood management infrastructure, respectively.

The Texas Water Development Board approved loans totalling nearly $90 million for various infrastructure improvements in West Texas, and in the Upper Trinity watershed of North Texas.

A Houston-based water services company announced plans to expand its water recycling operations in the Permian Basin. Solaris Water Midstream announced new improvements to their Lobo Ranch facility a produced water treatment system with a capacity to treat up to 80,000 barrels of non-potable water a day.

Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources has reached out to 125 municipal wastewater plants across the state, to ask that they monitor their streams for PFAS contamination. In New Mexico, the state has sued the U.S. Air Force in an attempt to compel the Air Force to address PFAS contamination from firefighting foam at bases across the state.

Our friends at Garver have opened a new West Texas office. Marco Ramirez, P.E. will lead their West Texas Water Infrastructure Team from El Paso.

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