News Digest - September 6, 2021

  • As the two main reservoirs of the Colorado River are drying up and an official water shortage has been declared, a water crisis looms for those in the Southwest. The river supplies water to 40 million people and irrigates more than 5 million acres of farmland.
  • What happens next for those relying on the Colorado River? There have been many short-term fixes obscuring the seriousness of the upcoming water shortage, along with wasteful practices that add to the threat of the water crisis. Negotiations will need to continue, “farmers will have to surrender their water, and cities will have to live with less of it”.
  • Facebook has announced that they are committed to being water positive by 2030, meaning that they will restore more water than they consume. Facebook is engaging in water restoration projects through funding and partnering with groups such as the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department to manage and improve water supplies. They are “investing in capacity-building projects that might have a catalytic effect in watersheds around the world.”

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