News Digest - July 11, 2022

  • The massive water line break that left Odessa without water for 48 hours last month has exposed a growing concern across the nation – aging water supply systems are becoming more fragile and vulnerable to disasters.
  • ERCOT asked Texans to conserve power on Monday, July 11 due to record-high electric demand from the heat wave and low wind projections. Ways to conserve energy include setting your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher, using fans, closing shades and curtains, and unplugging unused appliances.
  • Austin Water has replaced nearly a quarter of all residential water meters in a major effort to modernize infrastructure and support customer efforts to conserve water and save money on bills. By 2025, Austin Water expects all customers to have a new My ATX Water meter, which will provide a better understanding of how the water distribution system is performing at any given moment. The program also includes a portal that gives customers near-real-time data to track and manage water use.
  • Houston wastewater shows a spike in COVID-19 cases, with a viral load 636% higher than July 2020. Harris County health officials are seeing an average of just over 2,000 new cases a day, but because many cases are being determined by home testing kits, wastewater data paints a more accurate picture of COVID-19 numbers.
  • The latest TWDB drought map shows expansion and intensification of drought for the fifth consecutive week. Extreme or worse drought now covers 46% of the state.

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