News Digest - May 2, 2022

  • Coastal Texas is preparing for rising sea levels by introducing an ambitious project to build walls, gates, barriers, and berms around Galveston Bay. “Plans for a vast coastal defense of Texas aren’t just a testament to the world’s persistent demand for fossil fuels – they’re an acknowledgment of the grim consequences of it.”
  • Last week, Southern California officials announced new water conservation rules, which are among the harshest ever imposed in California. Under the new rules, local agencies must cut their water usage by 35%, which they can achieve by forbidding households from watering their lawns more than once a week or using alternative methods. Local water agencies could face $2,000 in fines if they do not comply.
  • For Water Week 2022, hundreds of water professionals from across the country met in Washington D.C. where they advocated before Congress and the Administration on behalf of their local communities.
  • Scattered rainfall at the end of April has decreased drought in some areas of Texas, while those who missed out on the rainfall are experiencing intensifying drought. 20% of the state is currently affected by exceptional drought.

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