News Digest - May 31, 2022

  • New technology being developed at UT Austin can make clean drinking water from the air in the desert. Scientists use renewable cellulose and konjac gum to create a water-attracting base that holds and releases the water when heated. The prototype that researchers made can produce more than six liters of clean drinking water per day in places with less than 15% humidity.
  • To fight water pollution, farmers are keeping their cows out of creeks, planting trees along streams, and building alternative watering spots for the cows. Sediment and manure can affect drinking water supplies, threaten fish and aquatic vegetation, and coat the bottom of rivers and lakes with a layer of silt that gradually grows thicker.
  • As unprecedented drought conditions affect the planet, United Nations water experts are now calling on countries to look at “unconventional water resources” – such as extremely deep land-based and seabed aquifers, fog, icebergs, and ballast holds of ships.
  • TWDB's drought map shows decreasing drought conditions this week thanks to recent rainfall across the state!

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