News Digest - September 7, 2022

  • Today, one-third of Pakistan is underwater after unusually intense monsoon rains led to flash flooding. "Climate change very likely played a role in the extremely heavy rains, and it definitely played a role in the glacial melt. So you can call these people climate refugees. Remember that phrase. Your country will have them, too."
  • Water pressure in Jackson, Mississippi was restored on Monday after more than 150,000 residents had no access to drinking water for a week. But after decades of neglect, Jackson's water crisis will continue. Struggles with underinvestment and an exodus of residents have made boil-water notices and disruptions to running water common in Jackson.
  • Oil and gas extraction in the Permian Basin produces an estimated 588 million gallons of wastewater per day. There are hopes to reuse the produced water, but it will require significant infrastructure investments.
  • The Texas Railroad Commission approved new weatherization standards for natural gas infrastructure, which will require facilities and pipelines to prepare for extreme weather. Failure to comply with these standards will lead to a maximum fine of $1 million, but some worry that the fine is not a strong enough punishment.
  • The TWDB drought map for this week shows continued improvement across the state after above-average precipitation in August, with the area of the state impacted by drought reaching its lowest value so far this year.

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